POWER HOUSE nZEC & Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, Madrid

Symposium: "Housing Europe meets Solar Decathlon Europe: working towards a Fair Energy Transition"

                                                  26 Septembre 2012 - Villa Solar, Madrid

The task of future proofing homes for European citizens is being taken in hand by Housing Europe members. Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers are working to balancing social, ecological and financial challenges; the sector must innovate - it must identify ways to save money during the construction or re-building process and to look for innovative approaches, concepts and building techniques which make the realisation of nearly-Zero Energy Buildings both simpler and cheaper.

For this reason, Housing Europe, under the aegis of the POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge initiative, has teamed up with the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 to tap into the inspiration and motivation of the world’s best architectural schools in its quest to shape the innovative path of the sector.

Setting the scene

Please download here the presentations made during the event:

Welcome speech
Mr Kurt Eliasson - President of Housing Europe

Why building retrofit matters for the IEA and the EU?
Ms Yamina Saheb - International Energy Agency (IEA)

Post-carbon Europe: a new energy model for the construction sector
Mr Angelo Consoli - The Third Industrial Revolution European Society (CETRI-TIRES)

To find out more on the Third Industrial Revolution, watch the interview to Mr Jeremy Rifkin laying out his supporting arguments for a future energy revolution!

Good practices from the EU

The Tyrolean path in social housing: from low-energy to passive housing
Mr Engelbert Spiß - Construction Unit, Neue Heimat Tirol

Energy retrofitting of buildings: the Spanish Roadmap
Mr Albert Cuchi Burgos - Department of Architectural Technology, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

To complement the presentations, watch the video (in German) of Neue Heimat Tirol handing over new energy-efficient homes!

The ‘POWER HOUSE nZEC Challenge!’ & the Solar Decathlon Europe

The ‘POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge!’ initiative
Ms Sorcha Edwards - Housing Europe

SDE Evolution in Europe - from Washington to Madrid
Mr Javier Serra María-Tomé - Director of Solar Decathlon Europe

To complement the presentations, watch the video (in Spanish) of Mr Sergio Vera, Director of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 introducing the Madrid’s edition!

The contribution of social housing providers to the EU strategy

Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector
Mr Vicente Leoz Argüelles - DG Enterprise & Industry, European Commission

The role of housing providers in the fair energy transition
Mr Kurt Eliasson - President of Housing Europe

Award Ceremony

The "Housing Europe meets Solar Decathlon 2012 Award" - To conclude the event, a Team of Jurors coordinated by Housing Europe evaluated the 20 proposed projects and awarded the “Housing Europe meets Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 Award - For a Fair Energy Transition in the EU”.

Mr Kurt Eliasson - President of Housing Europe

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