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Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency

Article 4

Building renovation

Member States shall establish a long-term strategy for mobilising investment in the renovation of the national stock of  residential and commercial buildings, both public and private.
This strategy shall encompass:

(a) an overview of the national building stock based, as appropriate, on statistical sampling;

(b) identification of cost-effective approaches to renovations relevant to the building type and climatic zone;

(c) policies and measures to stimulate cost-effective deep renovations of buildings, including staged deep renovations;

(d) a forward-looking perspective to guide investment decisions of individuals, the construction industry and financial institutions;

(e) an evidence-based estimate of expected energy savings and wider benefits.
A first version of the strategy shall be published by 30 April 2014 and updated every three years thereafter and submitted to the Commission as part of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans.