Barriers & Challenges to nZEB

Barriers & Challenges to nZEB

Bringing about change within any sector is a challenge; transforming energy use in European Public, Cooperative and Social Housing dwellings to adapt to the new energy landscape is a particularly complex one.

The obstacles to delivering nearly-Zero Energy Building were identified through surveys conducted among Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers carried out by National Federations represented by Housing Europe within the first phase of the ‘POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge!' initiative and through discussions with external experts in the field. The feedback received indicated that a variety of barriers and challenges exist, which can be broadly categorised into the following five key areas:

It was recognised that the two key areas of work to be carried out, i.e. new construction of nearly zero energy buildings and refurbishment of the existing stock, present different barriers and challenges to delivery. Each of the barriers listed above applies to a greater or lesser degree, and in different ways, to both areas of work.

The identified obstacles and issues to be addressed served as a starting point for the definition of the POWER HOUSE TaskForces WorkProgrammes in order to help Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers in their path towards a fair energy transition!

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