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“Kick-off meeting of the POWER HOUSE Flanders Platform” - 19 May 2009, Brussels

The meeting, organised by the Platform Coordinator VMSW, opened with an overview on the POWER HOUSE EUROPE project and concluded with a presentation on the structure and functioning of the Flemish Platform. The meeting, attended... more...

9. February 2009

"Green Housing and Green Jobs: Setting the pace for a decade of green and social growth" - 9 February 2009, Brussels, Belgium

The recent adoption by the EU of the Energy and Climate Change package paves the way for the necessary energy revolution. The key to a European success in that field and to the economic recovery will be the “greening” of housing... more...

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9. December 2008

"Energy efficiency in housing: EU tools to unlock the potential" - 9 December 2008, Brussels, Belgium

Just one year before the crucial Copenhagen Summit which will determine the future of global climate change policy, this conference will offer a unique opportunity to consider the strategies needed to make energy efficiency a... more...

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21. April 2008 - 22. April 2008

"Sustainable Energy and Social Housing" - 21&22 April 2008, Ancona, Italy

The aim of the conference is to deepen the debate on two aspects related to the issue of energy efficiency in the European Union: on the one hand, the energy needs, climate change, EU policies promoting energy saving and the use... more...

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30. January 2008

"Housing and the European Energy Transition" - 30 January 2008, Brussels, Belgium

Due to its long-term commitment to residents, cutting energy costs through energy efficiency and increasing comfort plays a central role in the strategy of the Social Housing sector. This conference will present the... more...

22. November 2007

"Energy Services 2007 - Moving Ahead!" - 22 November 2007, Brussels, Belgium

Energy efficiency in buildings leads to budgetary savings, contributes to climate protection, and the security of energy supply. An array of instruments exists to implement energy efficiency. By realising energy efficiency also... more...

1. October 2007

"Training for energy efficiency - know-how from & for social housing organisations" - 1 October 2007, Brussels, Belgium

The rising of energy prices and the related growing problem of fuel poverty along with the opening of electricity and gas markets and the changing legal framework in the EU member states, as well as a shared commitment to combat... more...

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