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26. September 2012

“POWER HOUSE nZEC! First Symposium: CECODHAS Housing Europe meets Solar Decathlon Europe 2012” - 26 September 2012, Madrid, Spain

The task of future proofing homes for European citizens is being taken in hand by CECODHAS Housing Europe members. Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers are working to balancing social and ecological challenges; the... more...

19. June 2012

"POWER HOUSE nZEC! Study Visit to two exemplary multi-family buildings in the Brussels Capital Region" - 19 June 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Sharing best practices is key! In order to boost the shift toward a low-carbon environment, it is crucial to learn from each other’s experience, whether it is in the field or via recognised online platforms. As such, technical,... more...

19. June 2012

"SHELTER Conference - Innovate to Renovate" - 19 June 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Improving the energy performance of buildings is a cost-effective way of fighting against climate change and improving energy security while also creating job opportunities, particularly in the building sector; it is therefore... more...

Hot Topics: Knowledge and Support

12. September 2011

"New Directive - New Energy for Housing? - Clearing the way for local, participatory energy transition” - 12 September 2011, Brussels, Belgium

This event, organised by the European Federation for Public, Cooperative and Social Housing and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, focused on the proposed European  Directive on Energy Efficiency, published by the... more...

Hot Topics: Knowledge and Support

22. August 2011 - 23. August 2011

"EKYL Study Visit to Housing Associations in Latvia" - 22-23 August 2011, Riga & Jelgava, Latvia

The Estonian Power House Platform is organizing a study visit to housing associations in Latvia, 22-23 August 2011. The program includes vistis to apartment buildings in two cities-  Riga and Jelgava and brings together... more...

Hot Topics: Knowledge and Support

9. June 2011

“The key role of Structural Funds for Sustainable Energy in the EU” - 09 June 2011, Cardiff, Wales

The event showed how concrete and direct the EU support can be in improving living conditions of EU citizens. By taking the example of energy efficiency investments in existing housing supported by the EU Structural Funds, the... more...

20. May 2011

"Radian Retrofit Conference 2011" - 20 May 2011, Guildhall Winchester

Radian, a leading housing and care provider based in the South of England, is hosting the Radian Retrofit Conference 2011 at Guildhall Winchester, Hampshire, on 20th May. Radian is upholding its credentials as one of the UK’s... more...

17. May 2011 - 19. May 2011

"BSHF Study Visit to Eco-city project" - 17-19 May 2011, Malmo

The Building and Social Housing Foundation is organising a three day visit to the award winning Augustenborg Eco-city project in Malmo, Sweden from 17–19 May 2011. BSHF will be meeting all costs during the visit itself, as well... more...

27. April 2011

“6th Baltic Housing Conference Energy saving in the Residential Sector” - 27 April 2011, Tallinn

The purpose of the conference is to share information and to draw the society’s attention to the problems in the housing sector but it will also be the place to share the experience of different countries in the field of energy... more...

6. April 2011 -  8. April 2011

"Energy Cities Annual Rendezvous" - 6-8 April 2011, Zagreb

During the event, Energy Cities and the hosting city of Zagreb want to encourage European local authorities to “Do It Yourself…together”: Each city has its own energy challenges and skills, but only by teaming up with others it... more...

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