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13. February 2014 - 14. February 2014

"POWER HOUSE Warm/Mediterranean TaskForce Workshop & Study visit" - 13-14 February 2014, Barcelona, Spain

On the 13th February 2014, the members of the nearly-Zero Energy Challenge Warm/Mediterranean Climates TaskForce met in Barcelona to discuss about tools available to finance energy efficiency in social housing. The first part... more...

4. December 2013 -  5. December 2013

"POWER HOUSE Cold/Continental TaskForce Workshop & Study visit", 4-5 December 2013, Wiesbaden, Germany

On 4th & 5th December 2013, the members of the nearly-Zero Energy Challenge Cold/Continental Climates TaskForce met in Wiesbaden (Germany) to discuss mainly the feasibility of calculating cost-optimal levels of energy... more...

20. November 2013

"POWER HOUSE Divided/Cooperative ownership TaskForce workshop: New investments: opportunities in the new European programming period 2014-2020" - 20 November 2013, Milan, Italy

Cities and Regions are getting ready for the new EU programming period 2014-2020 with the aim of inaugurating a new season of research projects and new models of planning cities: a complex collaboration between the public and... more...

19. September 2013

"POWER HOUSE nZEC! Study Visit to two exemplary multi-family buildings in the Brussels Capital Region" - 19 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

An interesting study visit to two exemplary multi-family buildings took place on 19 September 2013 in the Brussels Capital Region in the framework of the POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge! project. The visit, dedicated... more...

18. September 2013

"E3SoHo Final European Workshop: ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing" - 18 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

E3SoHo is a European ICT-PSP project, coordinated by ACCIONA Infraestructuras, in which CECODHAS Housing Europe participated by providing a socio-economic analysis of the use of ICT in social housing. The overall aim of the... more...

Hot Topics: Knowledge and Support

4. July 2013 -  5. July 2013

“POWER HOUSE Warm/Mediterranean TaskForce Seminar on low-energy buildings in Mediterranean countries” - 4-5 July 2013, Pisa, Italy

The purpose of the seminar was to strengthen the collaboration with other running EU-funded projects in the MED area (such as ELIH-MED, MARIE, Urban Empathy, RELS and CAT MED), in order to capitalise on them, develop synergies... more...

11. June 2013 - 12. June 2013

"POWER HOUSE Divided/Cooperative ownership TaskForce workshop: How to finance energy efficiency? Focus on divided and cooperative ownership multifamily buildings" - 11-12 June 2013, Milan, Italy

The construction sector in Italy is in a deep crisis and is struggling to find ways to restart. Many observers think that the green economy and especially energy retrofit represent concrete opportunities to boost the sector.... more...

22. May 2013

"SHELTER Final Conference - Innovation in the procurement of Energy renovation" - 22 May 2013, Dublin, Ireland

Improving the energy performance of buildings while reducing costs for Social Housing Providers & Residents through better planning along the whole renovation supply chain is the main goal of the IEE-funded project SHELTER... more...

4. March 2013

"POWER HOUSE nZEC! debate on Decentralised Energy Production Ownership and Consumption" - 04 March 2013, Brussels, Belgium

The visit to the exhibition on the the World’s first zero-Emission Polar Research Station at Tour & Taxis represented an excellent prelude to the discussion that followed with EU policy makers on obstacles, risks and benefits... more...

27. February 2013 - 28. February 2013

“POWER HOUSE Cold/Continental TaskForce Workshop and Study Visit” - 27-28 February 2013, Vienna, Austria

Besides providing an overlook on the National Strategies towards nZEB in place in some of the countries involved in the POWER HOUSE nZEC! consortium, and presenting to the TaskForce partners the WorkProgramme for the months to... more...

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