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4. July 2013 -  5. July 2013

“POWER HOUSE Warm/Mediterranean TaskForce Seminar on low-energy buildings in Mediterranean countries” - 4-5 July 2013, Pisa, Italy

The purpose of the seminar was to strengthen the collaboration with other running EU-funded projects in the MED area (such as ELIH-MED, MARIE, Urban Empathy, RELS and CAT MED), in order to capitalise on them, develop synergies and make sure that the information available will be feeding the future work of the POWER HOUSE TaskForce on Warm/Mediterranean countries.

The meeting set also the basis for a discussion that will lead to the definition of a common Manifesto on how the Public, Cooperative and Social Housing sector intend nearly-Zero Energy homes in Mediterranean climates.

The seminar ended with the presentation of some exemplary low energy buildings in Spain and Italy, followed by a study visit to five public-owned low-energy housing projects in Pisa and Empoli area, run by APES Pisa and Publicasa.  

Please download here the presentations (in Italian) made during the event:

Setting the scene:

Overview of the POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge
Mr Alessandro Cesale - CECODHAS Housing Europe

The state of art of the MED Taskforce
Ms Anna Maria Pozzo - Federcasa

Innovative technological & methodological Energy Efficiency Solutions in the MED area
Mr Marco Corradi - ACER Reggio Emilia

Strengthening the Cooperation with other MED Projects:

The CAT-MED Platform: Sustainable Urban Models, Methodology and Tools
Mr Ivan Luque Segura - Observatorio Medio Ambiente Urbano de Málaga (OMAU)

Urban Empathy: Strengthening Sustainable Urban Policies
Mr Ivan Luque Segura - Observatorio Medio Ambiente Urbano de Málaga (OMAU)

ELIH MED and MARIE: Capitalising on MED projects
Mr Ivan Luque Segura - Observatorio Medio Ambiente Urbano de Málaga (OMAU)

Pilot presentations: Examples from Italy and Spain:

A Social Housing project in Barcelona: the experience of the Municipal Housing Board Roc Boronat
Ms Begonia Serrano - Istituto Valenciano por la Edificacion (IVE)

The project of 43 new dwellings in Via di Fabriano
Mr Giorgio Federici - APES Pisa

Other examples from Castelfranco, Pisa and S.Giuliano Colignola
Mr Giorgio Federici - APES Pisa

Publicasa towards Zero Energy: the project ‘Co-abitare in rete’
Mr Cosimo Gambuti - Publicasa spa

Study Visits

Click HERE to download a short profile of the Research Centre TQV and the NEST Lab, along with the descriptions of the pilot projects visited.

Please also note that a short video clip of the study visit is now available on the CECODHAS Housing Europe YouTube Chanel

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