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22. January 2015 - 23. January 2015

"POWER HOUSE nZEC! Study Visit to Energiesprong” - 22-23 January 2015 , Heerhugowaard and Utrecht, The Netherlands

NHF - The English National Housing Federation, organised in collaboration with Platform 31 an interesting study visit dedicated to NHF’s members to two EnergieSprong refurbishments projects at neighbourhood level in Soesterberg and Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. The scope of this study trip was to meet housing associations that are implementing EnergieSprong and discuss their approach to energy efficiency improvements embedded in strategic asset management and explore the viability of the model for UK housing associations.

What is Energiesprong?

EnergieSprong (‘Energy jump’) is a new high-value construction and investment model for creating energy-neutral homes and regenerating neighbourhoods through a whole house ‘envelope’ retro-fitting package. The Dutch-designed system blends innovative off-site factory construction with a financial model to eradicate heating bills and generate a 5.25% financial return (IRR) over a 30-year term, against up-front capital investment.

In effect, the housing association buys a 30-year performance and maintenance guarantee, using a fixed monthly payment by the resident which is lower than their savings on the average bill as the long-term funding mechanism. The contractor delivers, maintains and guarantees the renovation against agreed energy performance targets for the 30-year term - although the Housing Association can break the maintenance contract at 10 year intervals. In a renovation lasting less than 2 weeks - in which residents can continue to occupy their home - homes with poor energy efficiency are transformed into zero carbon housing and estates regenerated with homes that look brand new.

What has been done so far in the Netherlands?

The Dutch social housing sector has committed to delivering 111,000 EnergieSprong homes; the Dutch Government kick-started this initiative by funding the EnergieSprong market development team (Platform 31) for 4 years as an enabling consultancy to drive what is in effect a market-led proposition. Four contractors and six housing association have formed a partnership in the Netherlands to deliver the prototypes and first 10,000 homes of the renovation programme.

To date some 100 homes have been completed; costs have already started to reduce - although the next significant cost step change is planned when scale of 10,000 homes is reached. A huge amount of learning and improvements have inevitably been accommodated but EnergieSprong is now coming out of pilot phase and entering early maturity with capital costs of 85,000 € against annual maintenance costs of 800 € and monthly resident contributions of 160 € established as a working and viable model. Resident feedback is good, with niggles and issues now being ironed out as the learning is adopted and the model adapted.

To find out more, please watch the video showing the EnergieSprong concept!

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