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Resource: eSESH Project Status Report

Name of organisation: ICT-PSP Project "eSESH"

Type of ressource: analysis/ technical report

Addressed barriers:

  • technical
  • behavior resulting in energy wastage

Addressed users:

  • building user (social housing organization)
  • design team


  • English

Process stage:

  • design phase (project briefing)


Environmental Design


This document shows the current status of the pilot projects developed in the framework of the eSHES project.

In each of the 10 eSESH pilot sites, ICT-based services have been tested with tenants to optimize tenant behaviour with respect to energy consumption. Furthermore, pilot services have also been tested with housing staff by providing them with the latest energy-monitoring and energy-management tools. The services will continue to be tested in situ over the next two years with the objective of market launch at the end of this period.

Important user-feedback has been gathered and new functionalities have been specified for the next phase. Challenges with regard to tenant uptake of the services have been thoroughly addressed and analysed. Service, product and process innovation are at the forefront of the pilot projects, with the aim to offer viable and marketable solutions in the near term.


The live prototype testing for the ten pilot sites has enabled the consortium to gather valuable data to finalize service design and tenant acquisition actions for the second prototype. Results vary according to social housing populations and nationalities, regions, building characteristics, and technologies, and most importantly, tenant uptake of the services.

The results described in this brochure show tangible value-add for this European-wide project. The feedback and lessons learned for each pilot are shared with the entire consortium. eSESH project members are developing an unprecedented and innovative array of energy cost-saving and ecologically minded services. The services are adapted to a large panel of end-users, and they can easily be adapted to global markets.

The services will be enhanced and tested in real life situations over the next two years with the participation of a large number of social housing dwellings in Europe. The large scale and depth of the eSESH project opens up new markets worldwide for the worthy and valuable cause of saving energy.


Information and contact:

Mr Gregor Heilmann or Mr Werner B. Korte

Phone: +49 228 98 53 00,
Fax: +49 228 98 53 012

Empirica GmbH 
Oxfordstr. 2
53111 Bonn

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