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Resource: Information system tools for Energy Strategic Assessment , Project Diagnosis and Brief Management

Name of organisation: IEE project "ESAM" reviewed by FEDERCASA (I)

Type of ressource: tool

Addressed barriers:

  • technical
  • managerial

Addressed users:

  • building owner
  • design team
  • project manager


    Process stage:


    Asset Management Project Management


    The ESAM (Energy Strategic Asset Management) I.S. tools in the 6 countries, although about same issues, develop according to national context and needs.
    There are three families of tools:
    1.Strategic decision-making supporting tools (focusing on the level of the housing stock).These tools are the closest to what has been defined as Strategic Asset Management (SAM) tools. With different levels of precision, the Austrian and the Czech I.S. tools belong to this category. The main objective of these tools is to build a global long term ( 3-5 years) investment plan. In order to do so, they generally have to go through the simulation of retrofitting scenarios.
    2.Refurbishment decision-making supporting tools (focusing on the level of a building). This category of tools is closer to the Project Brief Diagnosis and Management (PDBM). The French I.S. tool is an illustration of this category even though, strategic aspects are also treated. The main objective of this tool is to improve the existing investment plan with a short term focus. The impact of the tool on the long term investment plan can be a rebound effect of the accumulation of knowledge that is linked to the use of the tool. The Estonian and the Italian tools also belong to this category even if the final decision-maker in terms of investment is not the social housing organization but a third party (cooperative owners, municipal authorities). In this case, the focus deals less with technical accuracy of the simulation results but more on the communicative aspects. The Italian tool for example is linked to a Geographical Information System (GIS).
    3.Global tools (ESAM & PDBM). These tools go from the level of a building to the level of the whole housing stock. This is the case of the German I.S. tool. This tool focuses on the energy issues.


    A large majority of partners (apart from Italy where the tool is linked to the Geographical Information System of ATC Torino) have developed the tool under Excel, sometimes in addition to Visual Basic for the graphical interface (France).
    The Italian information system tool works only within GIS of ATC Torino so for further information see the national contact below.


    The document presenting all 6 ESAM project outputs (software for retrofitting simulations) is available at the following url:

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