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Resource: Catalogue of best available technologies for energy-efficient and sustainable renovation of dwellings

Name of organisation: VI FP "Demohouse" reviewed by VMSW (BE)

Type of ressource: analysis/ technical report

Addressed barriers:

  • technical
  • skills/ knowledge gap

Addressed users:

  • building user (social housing organization)
  • design team
  • project manager
  • public decision maker
  • building owner


  • English

Process stage:

  • design phase (project briefing)
  • pre- design phase (appraisal and strategic briefing)


Thermal Insulation Ventilation Solar Photovoltaic Environmental Design Heating and Hot Water Air Tightness Windows and Shading Monitoring


This report includes a catalogue of best available techniques in relation to renovation of housing projects. The information is based on the Green Catalogue which was developed until 2004, based on an EU-save project.
This report is an introduction to relevant best practice technologies you can utilise in connection to energy efficient construction.
The report is divided in 3 parts. The first part presents a thorough introduction to the above mentioned
best practice technologies while the second part quantifies the present state for Europe, the goals for 2011 (in relation to EPDB) and the state of the art – the best available technology. References are here made to relevant standards and references.
In the last part of the report is shown an input from the EU-Demohouse demonstration countries, referring to performance requirements for different best practice technologies.
Detailed country specific information on what kind of technologies were considered and applied (or rejected) in the Demohouse renovation projects
European standards as well as best practice on energy saving technologies for buildings are
presented. The technologies are:
- Insulation
- Windows
- Air tight constructions
- Heat recovery ventilation
- Condensing gas boilers
- District heating systems
- Combined heat and power production
- Heat pumps
- Natural, hybrid and PV-assisted ventilation
- Solar domestic hot water heating systems
- PV installations
- Energy Signature monitoring and follow-up system



Detailed technical information concerning best practice technologies used in the different Demohouse partner countries can be found in Deliverable 14 report concerning reference project and in the Deliverable 16 report concerning pilot projects.

see project website: 

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