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Resource: PV plants market assessment in four European countries: Germany, Spain, France and Portugal.

Name of organisation: IEE project "Desolasol" reviewed by AVS (ES)

Type of ressource: analysis/ technical report

Addressed barriers:

  • managerial
  • legislative

Addressed users:

  • building user (social housing organization)
  • building owner
  • design team
  • public decision maker


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Process stage:

  • pre- design phase (appraisal and strategic briefing)
  • design phase (project briefing)


Asset Management Project Management Solar Photovoltaic


This report provide a PV plants market assessment in four European countries: Germany, Spain, France and Portugal.
For each country, the following issues of the PV National Market are analysed: Natural conditions and production; Market background and history, Market size and growth, Market structure, PV Industry, PV Industry structure and development and Important data.
A comparative analysis of PV market between the four European countries is also provided.



Specific report on PV National Market is provided in national language for
Germany, Spain and France.
The reported norms highlight the PV national market until 2008.

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