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Resource: Passivhaus Standard in European Warm Climates – Design Guidelines for comfortable low energy homes

Name of organisation: IEE project "Passive on" reviewed by Consorzio Nazionale CasaQualità (I)

Type of ressource: guidance documents

Addressed barriers:

  • technical

Addressed users:

  • building user (social housing organization)
  • building owner
  • design team
  • public decision maker


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Process stage:

  • design phase (project briefing)


Environmental Design Project Management


This document contains technical design guidelines for building homes conforming to the Passivhaus standard for architects and engineers and its applicability in 5 European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal).
These guidelines are intended as a professional tool for those who wish to develop Passive Houses in warm European countries.



These design guidelines are divided mainly in three parts:
• Part 1: “A review of comfortable low energy homes” contains a general overview about the applicability of passivhaus standard in 5 countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal) with issues addressing to: “passivhaus for warm climates, indoor comfort, passivhaus proposals, climatic applicability and cost of passivhaus”.
• Part 2: “National proposals in detail” contains Passivhaus examples in for different southern European climates of 5 countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal). This part describes in detail an ‘affordable’ house proposal which was designed to meet the Passivhaus standard in terms of both predicted energy consumption and thermal comfort criteria. Geometry, weather, construction, building strategy and performance are presented.
• Part 3: “Comfort, climate and passive strategies” contains issues addressing to “comfort models, climate characterization and passive strategies”.
A comprehensive reference list is supplied at the end of the Guidelines.