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Resource: Pedagogical guide: innovative solutions for energy efficient retrofitting in SH sector

Name of organisation: IEE project "TACKOBST" reviewed by FEDERCASA (I)

Type of ressource: guidance documents

Addressed barriers:

  • technical
  • financial

Addressed users:

  • building owner
  • design team
  • project manager


    Process stage:

    • organisational strategy development
    • pre- design phase (appraisal and strategic briefing)
    • call for tender phase
    • maintenance and repair phase
    • asset management


    Funding Incentives Asset Management Project Management Work with Residents Capacity Building Thermal Insulation Windows and Shading Solar Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Other Renewables Heating and Hot Water Ventilation Electricity Saving Products Certification Monitoring


    The Pedagogical Guide aims to demonstrate the feasibility and the relevance of the solutions described in the Book of Recommendations and also it aims at measuring all the impacts of the recommendations at the microeconomic level.
    It consists in a document gathering two kinds of information:
    • some recent measures took by the authority in the institutional domain at different level (European, national and regional) which may be considered
    as responding partly to the recommendations proposed by the consortium,
    • many experimentations led by social housing operators which are quite in the direction of the solutions proposed by the consortium.
    Like the Book of Recommendation the Pedagogical Guide is organized under three main issues:
    - legal and /or institutional
    - technical, economic and /or financial
    - social and /or cultural.


    It can be useful a reading of the corresponding recommendation treated in the Book before the analysis of the experimentations. The Pedagogical Guide it’s a practical matching piece of the Book of Recommendation.
    In fact the Italian version is a single guide.


    This Pedagogical Guide is available at the fallowing url of TACKOBST website: