POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge in a nutshell!

POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge in a nutshell!

Bringing about change within any sector is a challenge; transforming energy use in Europe’s homes to adapt to new energy landscape is a particularly complex one.

Back in 2012, Member States were working on new definitions and a framework to promote nearly-Zero Energy Buildings, with the EPBD and EED implementation already underway.

Within this context, Housing Europe, with the support of the Intelligent Energy-Europe programme, kicked off the ‘POWER HOUSE nearly-Zero Energy Challenge!' initiative, to provide a structure for a pan-EU knowledge exchange between housing practitioners to learn from each other about the practical implications and costs of ambitious energy performance codes and to inform Policy Makers of the outcomes of this exchange.

The work was carried out in 4 thematic inter-European TaskForces:

All partners involved in the TaskForces used the appropriate tools at national level to ensure that the solutions chosen were tailor-made to the members’ needs, paving the way for a fair, inclusive and sustainable energy transition.

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Source: http://www.powerhouseeurope.eu/home/power_house_nearly_zero_energy_challenge_partners/the_project/